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Georgie is smiling whilst standing on the street in Czech Republic on holiday. She is holding a giant sausage in bread whilst wearing a white t-shirt and beige coloured pants.


I'm Georgie...I'm a consultant, a dietitian and a postdoctoral researcher. But thats the least exciting thing about me, I'm a queer, neurodivergent woman and a trauma survivor with a history of an eating disorder.


I bring my own lived experiences to everything I do whilst bringing you the clinical and academic context to help you find the support you need or to change the environments you care about. 

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My Story

I have a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Nutrition, a Master of Dietetic Practice and a PhD in psychology. I.e. I'm a very proud education lover who spent many many years in Universities and can contextualise the experiences we have through academic literature...not to mention critique the massive gaps research can offer the most marginalised of us. My PhD explored disordered eating in current and former athletes, whilst critiquing the systems and cultures that cause and maintain disruptions to our food and body relationship.


I have worked in and alongside prestigious international universities, major sporting organisations and inclusive clinical eating disorder settings. My favourite places to work are the ones that value the individual and their experiences, ones that understand how inequity happens, and ones that value an individual for who are at their core - their chaos and messiness included. This is what I bring to my consulting work.

For me, I am so lucky and grateful to have recovered from my own eating disorder and body image concern experiences. I have also learnt to accept my own brain and body and appreciate nothing more than joyful experiences with food and gentle movement. I competed at a top national level in athletics for over 10 years and will always have a special interest in protecting those who are vulnerable and marginalised in sporting environments. 

By working with me you can expect to pick up on my contagious passion for body image and eating disorder prevention. You'll also learn to become more connected with your own body and to be an agent of change to shape the environments we engage in to become safer, more inclusive spaces for all.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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